“This Is The Best Present
That You’re Ever Gonna Get!”

Here Is My Simple Read-In-One Day Formula To Recharge Your Passion, Relationships and Bank Account Without A Life Coach, Dating Guru Or Financial Planner.

By Dave Crane

The Life Designer on his laptop, on his birthday, enjoying his best day ever(again).

What is you could be enjoying the best birthday ever right now with the guaranteed knowledge that every new day will get even more exciting and rewarding than the last?

Imagine what your life would be like without the constant worrying about which terrible things could happen to you next…

Wouldn’t you just love it if you could design each day in advance and have brilliant dynamic life changing experiences all the time?

Let’s face it, birthday presents can be dull, boring and often unwanted.

Imagine the scene: it’s your birthday and you’re unwrapping your presents.
A new pair of socks! Nice! Thanks!
A new set of handkerchiefs! Wow! Amazing!
Then the credit card bill arrives…

If you’ve ever had this kind of day then this will be the most essential article you’ve ever read!

100% absolutely true.

Q: Do you worry that every year you are losing 12 months worth of great opportunities?
Q: Are you fed up other people getting lucky breaks whilst you get none?
Q: Are you ashamed to announce your birthday because deep down you have no reason to shout about it?
Q: Have you considered getting a life coach or professional but didn’t know how much it would cost or what to do?

“I’ve never been into reading self-help stuff, but I couldn’t put this one down. Great ideas and a very funny way to get them across to people who don’t normally do this stuff.”

- Dr Ashee Rajabali
Partner, The Dental Clinic

To Have A Great Day Every Day You Need
To Know These Important Facts:

  • You are not born with a fear of failure, you became conditioned to think like this.
  • There IS a formula for creating luck and happiness. This can be learned and used by anyone.
  • You don’t have to be a life coach to know how to plan your perfect life. In fact most success stories are about people who had NO IDEA what they were doing at the time but still moved forward using the techniques outlined in this book.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

- Dr Napoleon Hill
Author of ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

This might seem the most startling news you’ve read in a long time, but you know what? It’s the truth! You’ll find out much more as you continue to read this article.

And That's Not All:

Research shows that there are seven factors that guarantee someone’s super success in their life time. Each one can be learned or boosted if you have the knowledge of how to do it.

We are now in a time of greater potential financial opportunity than almost any other time in history. It will also become the biggest financial crisis we will have seen for 80 years. But not for those who know what to do in it.

95% of people will not act on their dreams and goals because their fear of failure is too strong. This makes much better odds for you to do even better.

If You Were Happy And Content As A Child...
What Made It Become So Difficult Later?

Well, think about it: We all start off with about the same opportunities.

Why should it be that some people manage to make brilliant happy lives with no wealthy beginnings, lottery wins or lucky starring roles in Hollywood blockbusters? How can some people avoid the major pitfalls of bad health, terrible career choices and lack of purpose that haunts most people throughout their lives? Stress plays a major part in all our lives.

Whilst a little pressure can be useful, it can also be a crippling pain if not kept under control. It effects our relationships, work productivity and long term happiness. You will be able to control stress forever after reading Happy Birthday X.

Happy Birthday X eBook

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“This should be taught in schools”.

“If I knew back then what I know now, I’d have done things vastly differently and made tons of money too. The most amazing thing is I’d have been much happier for the last 20 years.”

- - Clive Power
CEO, Power Tutoring

Some Politicians And Life Coaches Claim

That A Tough Life Is The Price You Have To Pay

For Being Civilized And Educated...

Yet Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth!

The truth is you can have a brilliantly rewarding and happy life without having to carry other people’s problems like they are your own. There is a proven system to guaranteeing you can deal with any issue and still enjoy unlimited great days. It’s about you. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what age you decide to start using this system. That’s why your birthday is a perfect time to learn the life skills which will guarantee you this success.

How Does It Work?

Dave CraneAllow me to introduce myself. I’m Dave Crane, Life Designer and motivational speaker. Over the last decade I have helped thousands of people to become the best that they can be. I know what works.

It’s got to be fun, motivating and realistic or it won’t work.

I’ve read a lot of so called self-help books. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have, too. There has probably never been a greater number of people in the world who are looking for ‘something more’. And as a result, books like this are a massive part of the publishing industry nowadays. Go into any big bookshop and you’ll see the most popular, best selling categories out on display, just as you go in. There’s the latest popular fiction, there’s travel, there’s cookery, there’s biography…and there’s self-help.

But although I say I’ve read a lot of them, the truth is that I’ve very rarely finished one of these books, because they rarely seem to be relevant to the realities of my life. You too? I really want this book to be different, otherwise there’s no point in me writing it or you reading it. I want you to get a lot out of it. I’ve already helped a lot of people from all over the world, like this lady….

Proshat Sarabloo Lehman Dave gave me the ability to pull everything together and create my own personality. He showed me how to identify the priorities in my life and what could make me different and better. So today I have an incredibly exciting growing regional business.

Proshat Sarabloo Lehman, Wellbeing Architect


And now I want to do the same for you.

So what makes this book different?

  • It’s practical.
  • It's engaging.
  • It's involving.
  • And it’s all about the most fascinating subject on earth….you!
No matter who you are, this book can help you.
  • If you’re someone who has a feeling that your life could - maybe even should - be better than this, but you’re not sure how to go about changing it, this book will show you ways that work.
  • If you’re someone who has tried lots of different ways to improve your lot with little or no success, this book will show you ways that work.
  • If you’re someone who has seen some improvements and made some positive changes but you don’t seem able to make them stick, this book will show you ways that work.
  • Even if you’re a complete sceptic…even if you’re someone who thinks that any book that talks about changing your life is a load of airy-fairy nonsense….
This book will make you change your mind and change your life!
Julie Vine If I were a multi millionaire I would go and buy a million copies and give one to everyone I see, it did so much for me I would like to share the joy with others. Sadly I am not a multi millionaire yet, but for everyone who I buy birthday presents for, a copy of this will definitely be part of their birthday gift this year.

- Julie Vine, Life Coach

(United Kingdom)

How did this book come about?

My name is Dave Crane and I'm the author of several ground breaking and innovative products as well as Happy Birthday X.

For more than 20 years I've been helping people around the globe to become the best that they can be. Fast.

And when I say "be the best that you can be" I mean getting a stronger, faster, more positive mind which can transform you instantly... a sexier appearance... better health... far more energy... sharper mental concentration... better ability to handle daily stress... and much more.

Formally schooled by the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists (Hypnotherapy and Master LP Practitioner) in the US and the Results Coaching foundation, I've spent years studying people who have successfully designed their destiny.

I wanted to know what set them apart from the rest - and exactly what it was that they did that made them so successful, while others failed.

And I can confidently say yes, I’ve figured it out. I know what works. I know how to make my life, your life, anyone’s life happier and more successful

Now, with Happy Birthday X, I’ve distilled my learnings into a practical, easy-to-follow guide that systematizes the secrets for success.

When I use the term "secrets" here, I simply mean tactics that only a few successful people were regularly using... the same tactics that unsuccessful people seem to consistently skip over.

So how does it work? What can you expect from this amazing book?

As opposed to almost every other self-improvement or motivational expert who teach you to reach your goals by using just one or two techniques (i.e. positive thinking and life coaching), I use every technique that has worked for my clients in the past to become the best that they can be.

Everything... from planning your day in the morning to grading your performance at night, to using NLP to balance your emotions, to practicing sales techniques to get whatever you want, to mind enhancing visualization, to discovering your strengths... and so much more.

Of course, I don't just give you these strategies and leave you hanging.

You'll be guided through every step of the way! In my system, I include the best mind programming and habit forming programmes that I have found to get my clients that best results.

So you see, I'm not going to leave you all alone like everyone else has done in the past - I'll be there to help you as much as I can "Life Design" is what makes it work.

Life Design means that instead of taking a single ‘solution’ to make your dreams come true and find that nothing happens fast enough, we combine the very best of all the cutting edge techniques and give them to you and stimulate you to take action. And that's the key, here... "Action!"

In other words, by making small achievable changes every day and speeding up the time devoted to helping it affect you from every conceivable angle, instead of just getting a Life Coach, my system multiplies the speed of your success exponentially!

You see, this programme is really not a get rich scheme or anything similar at all.

It's a complete, well-rounded "lifestyle programme." Although getting rich is covered in exhaustive detail, the Happy Birthday X system doesn't stop there. It targets every area that influences your life:

Life Design is based on a number of fascinating disciplines, both ancient and modern. I’ve researched all of them thoroughly myself, then drawn together the best from each of them:
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming):
    The system created during the 1970’s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler for creating personal and business excellence. Now there are millions of NLP practitioners worldwide and it is a real buzz-term for sales, stress management and achieving success in the business community.
  • Hypnotherapy:
    The ancient science of creating long-term change by working with the subject’s subconscious mind.
  • Coaching (executive, business and life):
    These relatively new, but highly effective offshoots of traditional coaching targeting personal and business goals whilst empowering the individual to understand self-motivation and accountability.
  • Pranic (energy) Healing:
    Like Reiki, this technique works with an individual’s energy and helps them to channel that for health and to attract success into their lives.
  • Management development:
    In order to facilitate change and monitor personal growth each client is encouraged to use successful and proven business techniques on themselves, seeing their own life as a work in progress but knowing that they are creating something very special.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ):
    One of the newest disciplines and frameworks for ‘soft skills’, EQ is now being taught to leaders and managers worldwide.

A Quick Peek At What You'll Learn In Your Copy Of This 100+ Page Groundbreaking System

  • A complete introduction to Life Design
  • A brand new Code of Ethics to live your personal development programme by
  • A step by step integrated learning programme on becoming 100% self motivated and emotionally intelligent and interdependent
  • The ability to gauge and understand how to create and sustain perfect happiness
  • A daily motivational programme which yanks you out of bed and stimulates ‘Change the World Today’ thinking
  • Exercises to understand and harness the power of your deepest dreams
  • How to win EVERY fight EVERY time and a foolproof way to test it before calling the shots
  • How to give out the ultimate business card
  • How to emulate the best in the world at what you do
  • Who you are and how to counteract your limiting beliefs
  • How to reinvent yourself as someone better
  • How to reframe your career and repositioning yourself in your workplace
  • Total stress management - how to make worrying everyone else’s problem
  • And much, much more!
Just one thing - what if it isn’t your birthday?

Don’t wait another moment! This book is available as an instant download.

In a few minutes time, you could be well on your way to being happier and more successful for the rest of your life.

‘I laughed my head off and couldn’t put it down. Bravo for this. Everyone takes life far too seriously nowadays. It can also be fun too.’

- Goldy Varghese
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Are you ready?

Would you like to be among the thousands of individuals who constantly reach their personal goals and change your life around once and for all?

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Guaranteed Success

How Much Is Your Happiness and Future Success Truly Worth? Consider The Following...

You are probably wondering what price to put on your happiness. To be honest, there is no price which covers that.

Research amongst friends and business associates has shown me I should be asking for at least $149.00 minimum.

Knowing the demand and the levels of success we have already achieved for people, I know that this is realistic.

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'Living in the Middle East and running a business can be tough. Any advantages you can find help a lot. Happy Birthday X is definitely that advantage.’

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My personal coaching fees are about $350.00 per hour and to attend my Life Design seminars normally costs about $1,500.00, unbelievably, I’m giving people the chance to get a copy of Happy BirthdayX: This Is The Best Present You’re Ever Gonna Get!" on an introductory basis for only $47.99 (with the extra $10 off, it's $37.99).

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I put my heart, soul and reputation on this product. That’s why I will stand by my 60 day GUARANTEE. I know that you will love the experience as much as the many others whose lives have changed too.

If you decide to get your money back you can keep the bonuses forever. Why would I do this? Very simply because I always look after those who trust in me. Win or win?

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"Happy Birthday X"

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